Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Diary of Settler George Wyndham

Extracts and Transcription of the first three years


George Wyndham kept a diary between the years 1830 - 1840.

He was already at Dalwood when the diary began in February 1830. In the first two years there are many entries about the weather conditions - rain, floods, thunderstorms and searing heat. There are details of his excursions such as on the 4th May 1830 when he and John Allman travelled to Newcastle where they visited the Valley of the Palms. He returned to Dalwood on 6th May and dined with Captain Aubin that same night. On 12th September he accompanied William Ogilvie from Merton to Holdsworthy Downs and then to the Burning Mountain. They returned via Segenhoe, St. Heliers and Merton and he was home by the 18th September 1830. In March 1831 he visited
Port Stephens where he called on Captain Parry and William Cromarty and in December 1831 he accompanied Rev. Wilton to the top of Tangorin.

There was a steady stream of visitors as well - On 12th February 1830 Captain Dumaresq called on his way to St. Heliers; on 20th February Felton Matthew stayed with them for two days; George Townsend was a frequent visitor and John Allman and William Ogilvie also. Judge James Dowling and Helenus Scott as well as James Reid, Rev. Wilkinson, William Harper and James Bettington are also mentioned. James Holman known as 'The Blind Traveller' visited Dalwood in June 1831.

Below is a transcription of the first two years of George Wyndham's diary. Read the full diary online at the State Library of New South Wales

February 1830

Page 2.
As the new ground when planted was so hard and lumpy thought that it was impossible to pulverize it.

The last month has been hot, even the nights are close till midnight. It has threatened rain some time and we have ...very light showers.

31. Sunday. Lennan took letter to Mr. Macleay de famina attenda et de Baiir obtenendis

1st February Monday - A heavy 1/2 hours rain at 4pm and showery.

2nd February - raining lightly all the forenoon. P.M. faster and steadier. Mustered the cattle. Laying the Blue room floor. Rain steady thro the night.

3rd February - drizzly rain till 11 am. Been a fine soaking rain not too late for my maize but it was too late.

4th February. At Court Luskintyre. Mr. (John) Pender there (John Pender was a builder in Maitland in 1830s and 1840s)

5th February. Sent 14 cattle to Patrick Plains Pound

7th February Sunday. Called on Mr. Harper. Edificatures

11th February Sent Old Mary to the Factory for robbery

12th February Started ? Mr. Wood. Captain Dumaresq called on his way to St. Heliers

13th February Saturday. Terrifically hot wind 103°

14th February ditto 104

Page 3

15 February 1830 - The hottest sun I ever felt. My minimum registering thermometer burst which required to fill it a heat. Mr. Harper tells me his thermometer was observed at 142.

15th February. Quarter Sessions. At daylight to Captain Allman. Full of the idea of a mariner villa.

17th February. Returned to breakfast. Thunderstorms here last night. Cooled us much.. More rain in the p.m.

18th February. Running cracks over with tar and sand.... trees. Laying dining room floor.

20th February - Felton Matthew came

21st February He stayed with us

22 February He left us going to the reserve of Hay

23 February Very close at evening a heavy thunder storm. Finished ploughing the stubble. The grey horse and a mule are harrowing 7 or 8 done. The grass has not failed us this summer. John Prentice came as overseer.

24th February. Wet Day. Came up her to the new house and thought it ? to fetch up the beds and sleep on the then to go back home. So home changed its name. On 23 and 24 perhaps rained 16 hours light and heavy

25th February - Bringing up things. To Luskintyre. Have two rooms ready, but all are roofed but the rain has moistened the ceilings in some places.

26th February - Brought up more things. More rain 2 heavy showers. Say 1 hours smart rain at night drizzly. Mr. Townshend with us. Came on steady after 10. The whole night.

27th February 7 am Steady and fast till sunset.

28th February Sunday. Overcast with frequent showers. River is just wadeable. The holes in Stoney Creek are empty. 9 inches water in cellar.

MARCH 1830

March 1st. 1830. A very heavy 40 shower. The Sydney papers speak of the 14 and 15 February as days of fire. Girdling trees on the point south likewise on the same flat.

2nd March Baled 2 feet of water out of the cellar

4 and 5 a little burning off to furnish ashes
6th March Clearing out the stockyard.

Page 4.

8th March, Monday - Received a letter from Ella up to Oct 8. Weather pleasant and cloudy.

10th March Went to Mr. Townshend. W. Scott took my letter No. VII for Dr. Cunningham to take home.

11th March - Returned grey mare lame from a ?

12th March - Fetched the.....? Mr. Matthew came

14th March

16th March - Thunder storm with tremendous rain

19th March - To Mr. Reid's his relations lately arrived. Trenching the garden and quarrying the capital of the columns.

22th March - Dray from Mr. Cory's with cedar

23 March - Dray from Maitland with blankets etc.

24th March - bottling ? 10 dozen bought it up. Mr. Townshend here.

25th March - Sent Anne away, being pregnant. Still digging garden two..? Potatoes came up very irregularly.

APRIL 1830

Page 5.

The sown maize has failed again this year. Some carelessly and hastily sown in drill a little before Xmas promises well, must always in future put in more stubble maize. Proved a good crop.

April 1st 1830 - Helenus Scott here.

2nd April 1830 Pulling early maize

3 April - pretty heavy rain and steady for 2 hours

4 April - 2 very heavy showers at night

5th April - Esthle left us on chestnut mare

6th April - Rain all day at times heavy

7th April - Carrying away maize . very west

8th April Do. Find there is more than I farmed. Hope to have near 600 bushels from the flank, about 30 acres. The stubble maize sown just before Xmas promises well and turned over the Back crop. I have got maize took no pains with it.

9th April. Good Friday. Alward's birth day Two years old. He is 2 feet 11 inches high. by repeated measurements and weighs about 27 lbs. Could not weigh him accurately. John Allman called . Light wetting rain all night.

10th April and all day and occasionally at night.

11th April breaking away. began again at night

Page 6. (4)

April 1830

12th April - Rained all day, tho very light in the forenoon. Steady and ? pm. The Stony Creek is running through out its whole length and had today filled the long pool at the quarry. I have never seen the ground soaked before. Every appearance of more.

13th April Rained fast and steady the whole night till 8 am and then ceased. Heavy showers

14th April Sunshine. One smart shower. Got in the last of the maize that was picked had been lying on the ground during the whole rain but is uninjured save where uncovered by the bush.

15th April - Quarter Sessions or rather assizes. To Maitland keeping this side the river being a case of swimming. Heard the Success was aground at ? River and Port Macquarie open.

16th April Returned. Weather looks unsettled. Occasional light shower. Weeding and ? potatoes.

Page 7

April 1830

17th April Very light showers. Rained somewhat through the night and till one pm the whole

18th Sunday all day and all night and till one

19th April Afternoon showers

20th April Gathering cornstalks into heaps

21st April 1830. Thunder showers weather getting find

24th April. Pulling maize. The weather cleared from Monday and is now cold and clear. Wind brisk from W.N.W.

25th April. Dispatched a letter to John and Ella. No. VIII. to Sydney for Dr. Cunningham. Connell turned in to Government on Thursday last. (possibly James Connelly per Ferguson) hear there has been a tremendous flood on the Hawkesbury. Our river is now 5 feet deep at the crossing place and it has fallen 5 feet. Judge Dowling and Sheriff called. I was out

27th April. Finished carrying early maize. Jane Brett arrived with a black eye.

28 April Wednesday Began ploughing for wheat the maize land. 2 ploughs.

29th 3 ploughs. Carrying off corn stalks.

MAY 1830

Page 8. (5)

3 May - Monday to Captain Allman's and slept there

4th May - To Newcastle with John Allman

5th May Wednesday - Valley of palms. Burning bark

6th May Returned home. dined with Captain Aubin

7th May The blacks brought in a plant of nails

8th May - Plant peach stones 500 , two ?, 3 sorts cauliflower, Peas 2 sorts all in drills and rollen in a la Cobbett. Three ploughs going all this week and finished the maized ground this day.

9th May Sunday - To Mr. Lamb's. Gave me garden seeds. Sown May 12 etc

10th May, Monday - Sharp frost. Potatoes very much cut.

13th May Court of Requests at Maitland

14th To Newcastle with Messrs Wilkinson and Townshend

15th May - A fellow who undertook to show me three good sections did not shew 3 good acres. .....? Mr. Bettington arrived. Potatoes at Mr. Sparkes on the river.....

Page 9 (6)

15th May cont. are not frost bitten and the Balsams at Newcastle are ?, mine are smashed. Thick fogs prevail in mornings, days exceeding pleasant

16th May Sunday - Wrote to Captain Dumaresq, Mr. Bettington

17th May - Monday Sent Frank to Captain Allman's with Mr. Palmer's diamond.

19th May, Wednesday - Sowed first wheat. Threatens rain. last week sowed parsnip, carrot, beet, Brussels sprouts, rhubarb, red cabbage and cauliflower in drills. Today some peas soaked, gathered the hemp.

20th May - Sowing wheat, 3 ploughs going constantly and now a ? but the land is in a dreadful state quite ashamed of it. Another year plough all trio the ? the weeds were so strong (chiefly the self sown wheat that I turned the cattle into ate it down when the ground got firm but they beat it very hard and it is all in hard lumps in consequence.

22nd May Saturday. About 8 acres sown. Weather mild and fine.

Page 10 May 1830

May 23. Letter from Mary Anne written December 18

24th May Monday - Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie came

25th Wednesday - Left us. Sent Irvin to the Hospital at Sydney with £1. (Probably Thomas Irvine per Boyne) Two harrows on today. Settled dry and pleasant weather at night, lightning flashing new WSW. Thunderstorm with rain at midnight

27th May - Quarrying first column (shaft) at Creek

29th May - Katherine sent to the 3rd class factory.

30th May - Wrote to Mr. Wilkinson and Captain Dumaresq. A little rain in evening

31st May - 2 hours rain 8pm

JUNE 1830

June 1st 1830 - Sent drays to Maitland. At night rain

2nd June - Heavy frequent showers. Ground very wet. Drays returned with looking glasses and machinery

3rd June - Fine again. Repaired fence. Began splitting for a new fence. Irwin returned.

4th June - Went to ship, got the mill.

5th June - returned. Cold blowing and showers

6th June - Wrote to Mr. Bettington

Page 11 June 1830

7th June Monday - Turned Davis into Government (probably Obadiah Davis per Marquis of Hastings)

8th June - Fine weather and cold. glad to wear drawers with duck trousers which I had left off for a month making play with the wheat. Rode to Glendon

9th June Wednesday - To Scott's station and home

10th June - Mr. Townshend came

11th June - Planted cauliflower from Mr. Lamb and cabbages from Luskintyre and carrots

12th June Lettuces

15th June Building an ? to the East 16th June Wednesday - Carrying stubble maize, fine

17th June - do do and finished wheat sowing by ?.....Some heavy rain at night. found a wild duck's nest on Tuesday, two or three quails nest a month ago.

22nd June - digging out kitchen foundation

23rd June - Gathering potatoes. Picked out 48 ?

24th June - Mr. Wilkinson on his road to Newcastle

Page 12 June 1830

25th June Mr. Townshend - We tried to set the leg of chestnut mare's foal in vain.

28th June - Saved Castor oil seeds

29th June - To Maitland by way of Mr. Middleton's and Swan's

30th June to the top of Sugar Loaf with Francis Allman. Captain Aubin planted a lemon on the top and an orange pip.

JULY 1830

1st July - Returned home. Dent built the oven

2nd July - Digging holes in front for trees

3rd July Mr. Mailers took my letter home No. IX and to Mr. Bettington began putting up the fence from the paddock to the river. This week have been splitting and hauling and making a bridge for hauling stone

6th July - Beautiful day

7th July - Raw, cold, Splitting, hauling

12th July - Kitty Spalding came

Page 13 - July 1830

15th July - I marked the spokes of a dray which finished the fence of new paddock

16th July - To Mr. Townshend

18th July - Returned on foot, the mare lame. Found the river up, swam it. Very cold.

19th July - Prentice away getting married

20th July - Gardening. Weeta began to walk

21st July - A wet morning. Put the dray wheel together

23rd July - Mr. Townshend and Webber start for Sydney

24th July - Despatch O'Neil ? Still gardening. Killed 2 pigs last night. Put up 4 others. Mr. Ogilvie's dray with turkeys. Weeta burnt herself with an iron.

25th July - A driving rain all forenoon.

26th July - At the garden.

27th July - Began digging holes for fruit trees

28th July - Rain again all day. Steady tho light 30th July - Mr. Wilkinson and Helenus Scott came. Splitting lintels and slabs for roof of kitchen.

31st July - Saturday - Vine cuttings from Mr. Busby.


Page 14

2nd August Monday - very cold day. wore a plaid all day. cold drying wind ever since the rain which continued till Thursday

5th August - received letter from Ella up to March

6th August - Getting up peach and fig trees etc

7th August - Putting them in in front of the house. Louisa Heskins arrived. Boston and Jenkins broke down first apple tree log (sawyers)

We now hear the cuckoo

11th August 1830 - Mr. Townshend from Sydney

13th August Rain all morning and forenoon

14th August - Loquat seeds. Sydney Lemon and orange seeds. The weather is now pleasant. I have begun to clear the river bank for ?vines, on this side the fence received a letter from Charlotte. dated February 9th.

16th August Monday. Sowed lemon seeds. Planted raspberries

17th August - Peach, Quince, fig, Pomegranate cuttings. Peach kernels. Cabbages all running to seed.

Page 15 (9) August 1830

18th August Cabbage seed. Beard to Mr. Townshend.

20th August - Rain set in at noon lasted with little interruption till sunset on the 21st

22nd August - Frequent showers. The holes I dug for the ?.....Trees in front are full of water

23rd August - 2 or 3 smart showers

24th August - Began ploughing the river bank for vines.


1st - Planting vines

2nd September - planting potatoes. Peach stones sown on 8th May came up. All the vines I pruned bleed profusely. Not so those I am moving

3rd Sowed Turnip 4th September - Broke down the big log in new pit. Sowed Asparagus and Radish. Peach trees now in full blossom

Page 16
September 1830

12th September Sunday - With Mr. Ogilvie to Mr. Glennie's. Cold wind

13th September - to Merton

15th September - to Holdsworthy Downs

16th September Burning Mountain and back

17th September - By Segenhoe and St. Heliers to Merton

18th September - home

24th September to Maitland

27the September to Maitland

29th September - Smart shower or 2 . Dray upset on the wharf with load of flour. little damage

30th September - Rain almost all day. Mr. Townies.


October 1st 1830 - Tremendous showers. A great furrow cut through the garden

October 2nd 1830 - Clearing up with light showers, got fine. The lagoon has risen 2 feet and covered my slabbed cart road and there is a little water in the small lagoon in front of the house. The first I ever saw there. The cold west winds of September 12 blighted the peach trees.

October 2nd cont. The wheat is not at all laid by the rain not yet in ?

October 4th - making pig styes

5th October - sowing seeds

10th October - Kitty left us

11th October - Anne le refugia de son mari

12th October - Hear the bird again ( a hornbill) that cried so much last summer

13th October Wednesday - Sowed seeds. trenching a piece of garden for tobacco. Making pig's troughs and styes. threshing and preparing puzzolana. Dent ill from Rheumatism. (John Denton per Vittoria) The wheat is a little lodged, a good deal is in ear. The joists are on the kitchen roof. Breaking up for orchard and for home pasture field about a week

15th October - Attended court at Maitland respecting Cannon and his male of slops. (probably James Cannon per Ferguson)

16th October - Returned. Walked thro wheat at Luskintyre never saw finer. Mr. Ogilvie at Maitland from Newcastle going to Barraba.
Strawberries now ripe.

Page 18. October 1830

20th October - Exceeding hot. Planted first maize. Louisa fell down in an epileptic fit.

21st October - Hot. Bathes twice

22nd October Hot still. Wind shifted to the East. At night enjoy a fine night

23rd October - cloudy and cold. Planted millet, cucumber called on the Harpurs and at Luskintyre the former have 50 acres of wheat, Bengal seed sowed in May, destroyed by the rust which I hear if general. Trenching the garden. Disturbances in Argyle and Bathurst.

24th October - Rain all day. Very steady

26th October - Kitty Spalding returned unmarried.

28th October - 4am Heavy thunder storm and rain till 8. A great deal fell can trench no longer. Mr. Scott here. Crake died.

30th October - Went with Captain Wright to Glennies

31st October - To Captain Allman's. Heavy thunder and great rain. Dined there. Then to the Ogilvies where thunder and rain again
1st November - Stayed there.


Page 19 (11)

2nd November - Started at 8 . Rain began at the junction of the Wollombi and continued to Black Creek. Got home at dusk. Very heavy rain. Cape barley ripe. Roses and pinks blowing sweetly.

4th November - Began cutting Cape barley

5th November - Fitting lead to the bath. A thunder storm with heavy rain, a great deal fell in the night.

6th November - Sunshine and hot. A millstream runs from the lagoon to the river. I never saw water in the channel before. We are now eating the savoy cabbage sown May 12. which have hearts well and not run to seed. (John) Prentice left me.

7th 8th 9th 10th. - Generally fine. Some showers.

11th November Rain all day

12th November - To Mr. Close's Court of Request. Rainy

13th November Returned. Rain all day. Heavy. a strong stream running over the bridge

14th November - still raining lightly.

Page 20 -

November 1830

My wheat is almost entirely destroyed by the rust. Scarcely any of it worth reaping. A little near Dents cottage is pretty good. But that is touched and smutty besides.

19th and 20th November - Misty

21st 22nd 23rd - Rain almost constant steady but not very heavy. Lagoon quite a sea.
For the month of January 1830 see the last page in this book


Page 21. (12)

Good harvest weather, not hot. Indeed so cold that some evenings we could have enjoyed a fire. It frequently threatened rain but very little fell. Of 70 acres that I had under wheat, I have reaped about 10. The rest being worthless. At Bowens the wheat is good and even on my old farm.

9th December - Finished thatching. Swam the river and went to Luskintyre. The day hot, first heard the cicada

10th 11th December - Hilling potatoes. Threshing and winnowing the barley on the flat

12th December - Very hot, but pleasant breeze from NW. Cicadas noisy, water melons just in flower

13th December - Very hot. Breeze NW pleasant. Thermometer 98

14th December Wind shifted to East at Midnight became cool. cloudy day. Sowed Cabbage Beetroot turnip, carrot parsnip, spinach, onion. Stubble wont burn.

Page 22

December 1830

15th December Wednesday - Planted potatoes in the vineyard

16th December - planted maize. Ward's sale. most beautiful weather. Bought 50 bushels wheat of Bowen for £7. I am to thresh it.

17th December - Planted maize and some to transplant to Mr. Harpers seeing after tobacco plants

18th December - The spotted gum trees have just shed their bark. They look very smart on the Western Hill in the morning. Thunder but without rain.

19th December - Called on the Reids

21st December Tobacco plants

22nd December - Hot wind in verandah 104. At night thunder and a little rain.

23rd December - See one melon as big as a pear, only one other formed. Planting maize

24th December - To Maitland paid old Marshall £4 1 5d and post office. Revolution in France. Dray brought up my rifle and Portmanteau from Ameri

25th December - Xmas day. Very hot. W. Scott came

Page 23
December 1830

26th December - Very hot

27th December, Monday - Set out to see Ash Island. To Mr. Close's. W. Scott took letter for Alick

28th December - Slept at Sparke's. Very pleasant ?

29th December - Went to the lower island and returned home. The men have been cutting down the stubble to make it burn.

30th December - At Luskintyre. Holding court

31st December - Dug up the kidney potatoes. Beautiful they are too. Weather delightful. Sowed cauliflower and radish. Macdonald and Ricanotti (?) have lately come to put up a stockyard

Page 24
31st December cont.

Have this year raised about 300 peach trees. 390 lemon, 2 loquats, 1 olive from seed. From cuttings 80 fits, 40 quince pomegranate 2 lemon, 2 English mulberry. Very few of my vines took, put out above 600. They were dead before I got them.

I got 8 pears from Sydney, 5 peaches.....?

January 1831

Page 24 (14)-

1st January Saturday - Opened a few trees. The other side of the flat

3rd January - Putting first coat on kitchen roof, cutting a drain at foot of this hill. Grass tho green will burn a little. Delightful weather, very hot but fine breeze from East daily.

4th January - Exceeding hot. Light breeze at East

5th January - Very hot indeed. PM. Thunder rain. Killing maize last three days

6th January - To Luskintyre. Cloudy and cool. Put out tobacco plants and cabbage

7th January - Cloudy and cool. Put out some 3 weeks ago tobacco plants finely rooted. Replacing tye beans in barn.

8th January - To Luskintyre who is going to Sydney

9th January Sunday - Exceeding hot. No wind. Musquitoes

10th January - At night exceeding hot mosquitoes tormenting

11th January - Cool cloudy and occasional light drizzle. Found potatoes heating and spoiling in the pye. Not ripe O'Neil says.

Page 25 -
January 1831

12th January - Planting kidney potatoes. cloudy. Set up the barn the tye beams having parted being pinned only.

13th January - cloudy and occasionally a drizzle. Put out 400 tobacco plants that I found self sown among the stubble. A nice shower last night. Stubble maize grows apace.

14th January - A hot wind. Killing stubble.

15th January 1831 - A hot wind, hilling on. Burned off grass at night. Thunder and rain heavy. O'Brien came.

16th January 1831 - Light showers. cloudy. O'Brien came last night.

17th January - clearing up. Splitting shingles to cover verandah. Mr. Townshend and Mr. Campbell brought the news of the Governor's being at Maitland (Governor Darling).

18th January - Put out 100 cabbage plants

19th January - Rainy morning and forenoon.

20th January - To Maitland. Called on the governor, the Allman's and home.

Page 26 (15)

January 1831

21st January - His Excellency and Capt. Dumaresq took lunch . Put them on their road to Glendon. As far as Black Creek. Mr. Wilkinson with us

22nd January - His reverence left us for Upper District. Mr. Glennie came tuned the piano. Opening the trees beyond the garden to the SE. Hot moist weather

23rd January - Stubble maize very promising

24th January - Cloudy and drizzly showers. Budded 40 peach trees. Clearing maize with plough and hoes and breaking up for wheat the back of the house

25th January - Cloudy with drizzly showers and rather cool. Budded 66 peach treas. Dray with claret, pitsaw and files

26th January - Put stakes to espalier vines in Garden and budded trees.

27th January - Budded trees at Luskintyre

28th January put out tobacco plants a slightly hot wind. thunder and heavy rain at evening. Watermelons now fairly in.

Page 27 -
January 1831

30 January - Called on Mr. Lamb and Mr. Wilkinson

31 January. Christened Alward and Outta. Weeta. Hoeing maize. Looks extremely well indeed te weather could not be better


1st February 1831 - Hoeing maize. Trying to make an ?

2nd February - Sowed cabbage and cauliflower.

3rd February - Called on the Harpers . A report of limestone. Saw Kennel and common coal in Anvil Creek. Digging potatoes

4th February - Making a ?tube iron

5th February - Digging praters. Set a by for soap

6th February - Smart thunder storm. Great lightning to the south ards with heavy thunder at night

7th February - To Mr. Coulson found Porteus (John Portus) putting up Mr. Pringles mill there. Cool and cloudy

9th February - On Mr. Winder

11th February - A little rain. Sowed Carrot. Beet

12th February - Boiling soap. The whole week digging potatoes. The garden, tobacco etc. Stockyard finished. Kitchens roofed. Cool cloudy weather sometimes cold.

Page 28 (16)

February 1831

14th February - Boiled soap again. Hoeing potatoes

15th February - Rainy morning. At night again heavy

16th February. Splitting shingles

17th February - to Glendon. Slept there. A fresh came down and stopped my horse. Rode one of Mr. Bells on

18th February - Home. Misty rain at midnight very heavy

19th February - Making a duck shed. Looking out ground plates for milking shed. Sunshine out at 4 o'clock. Starlight night quite pleasing so much dull weather and rain. I have not looked half the rain lately. Mr. Townshend here.

21st February. Beautiful weather. cleaning maize

24th February - Trying to mow the weeds the other side of the creek to allow the plough to move.

25th 26th - Exceeding hot. Distant lightening. Brown brought 29lbs tobacco. Getting ashes for leg. Trying dead apple tree and gum bark.

MARCH 1831
Page 29

1st March - Went to a sale at Mr. Gaggins with Messrs Ogilvie and Kaswell who slept here.

2nd March - A letter from Ella. dated September 6. Began sowing swedes, turnips and a row of Glendon cabbage. Picked out 50 cauliflower.

3rd March - Set off for Port Stephens. Crossed at Swan's. Mr. Warren, Mr. Mossman slept there.

4th March - Reach Port Stephens . Smart showers.

5th March - Examined the Butchers point

6th March - Sawyers Point

7th March - Called at Captain Parry

8th March - Nelsons Bay. Fingals Bay. Cromarty on Soldiers Point

9th March - Returned by Graham's. Barney's ....Captain Allman's. Found Porteous (John Portus) had put the machinery somewhat together.

12th Mustered the cattle . Beautiful weather . thought I could distinguish an autumnal feel. Last night very cold.

Page 31 (17)
March 1831

12th to 19th March - to Porteus (John Portus) about mill strap. covered the verandah with bark. Splitting posts for pig fence. Fine weather. Planted cauliflower, cabbage. Sowed radish etc.

17th March - Brown committed

18th March Rode the grey mare first time since her illness. Showers flying about.

19th March - Before sunrise a tidy rain.

22nd March - Sun very scorching at sundown. Rain and thunder. Splitting stuff to enclose the pigs in lagoon. Thinning turnips. Cleaning strawberries. Laying flagging before kitchen. Curran mending plough

Page 32
March 1831

24th March - Sale at Luskintyre. Estate knocked down at 1100. Steers 3yrs 30s Cows 18s. Calves weaned 6 and 4.

25th March - Sale Mr. Ogilvie and son with us.

26th March - Branding Mr. (William) Caswell's purchase the whole week very hot.

28th March - Porteus putting the mill work at the barn. Branding Ogilvie's cattle.

29th March - Branding mine and Mr. Bettington. Hot winds last two days.

30th March - Putting up the horse course

APRIL 1831

1st and 2nd. Sent a letter to Mr. Bettington. Wilkinson and Charlotte by Mr. Macleod.

2nd April - Elizabeth Hughes came. Hot dry weather. For a long time even in the stubble maize where the earth has been repeatedly ploughed there are large cracks. My turnips look well.

3rd April Sunday - Hot wind. Looks thundery

4th April - light rain all day

5th April (George) boy born 4 am. Rain all night.

6th April

7th April - Porteus returned budded 5 peach trees. Weeded tobacco.

8th April- Working at the mill. Ploughing for orchard cutting up roots there. Two young Ogilvies. Weather very showery for some days.

9th April Alwards' birthday. Height 3ft 3in . Ground one peck of wheat with the mill in about 12' with 7 men.

Weather continues showery. Hear the Whigs are in and receive letter to December 3rd mentioning riots in Wiltshire. We put the horses into the Mill. Bothered with the strap slipping.

Page 33

20th April 1831 - Court of Requests. Slept at Captain Allmans

21st April 1831 - Rainy morning came home. rain afternoon

22nd 23rd April - rain

27th April - Thunderstorm

29th April - Ellen Ogilvie staying here. Men are mowing down weeds to enable the plough to move. Too wet to plough.

30th April. Rain all night

The stream that ran down stony Creek was quite tremendous River is now rising fast.

MAY 1831
Page 34 (19)

1st May Sunday - Tempestuous night. Rain furious. Lagoon a sea

3rd May - a lake from the foot of the hill in front to just under Dents cottage. But the right land bank of the creek was uncovered.

9th May. Fetched a load of coal

10th Cold gal from NW

11th May - Cold fine day

Page 35 May 1831

15th May 1831 - A light frost

16th May - To Luskintyre with letters. Too late. Began ploughing for the seed. Irwin to Maitland

17th May - Set the threshing machine to work

18th May - 2 pit saws going this week for a barn loft. 3 ploughs

20th Left letters with Mrs. Harper. Wheat from Bowen. Dr. Thompson from Ratagan. (possibly David Thompson) Showery. Saturday showery etc

24th May - Thick weather. Got barn ready for maize.

25th May - Carried early maize. plough again

28th May - Went to Wisemans

29th May - to Parramatta

30th May - to Sydney

31st May Brown acquitted.

JUNE 1831
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June 1st - Shepherds nursery

3rd June - wrote home

4th June - To Parramatta. After sunset

5th June - Mr. Blaxland vineyard . Major Lockyer.

8th June - Reached young Wiseman's

9th June Found first bridge gone. Swam the mare walked over a tree. Got home. Beautiful day.

10th June Neale to Hospital with a letter. Mr. Bettington

12th June - Mr. Holman blind traveller here

13 June - cutting joists for wash house roof

18th June Crossed the river with Ratagan to Mr. Reid

19th June Mr. Reid called

20 June - On the Harper's . Old Lady arrived from Sydney while I was there.

JULY 1831

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1st July Mr. Ogilvie and Wilkinson stayed

2nd July - Mr. O departed with Ellen.

5th July - Ann Jackson (Dent) arrived on 12th.

20th July - Mr. Matcham left us going up the river.

25th July Mr. Matcham here

30th July 1831 - Mr. Matthew came.


2nd August 1831 - Messrs Matthew and Matcham towards Brisbane Water

8 August 1831 - Got Rafferty to help me gardening (probably James Rafferty per Hercules)


10th October. Sent old Lennan to Sydney for his wife. Mr. Onslow with us.

15th October - flying foxes apparently migrating pass hundreds all night long.

25th October - Bridget Brown did first weeks washing. (Possibly Bridget Brown nee Meaney arrived per Forth)


November 3rd 1831

Valentine Ayres began burning in front. O'Brien quarryman left me.

4th November - Alward's and Weetas arm rising after vaccination.

7th November - To Maitland. Allmans gone to Upper districts.

11th November - Scene with Bridget

20 to 27th November - Dent and Brown married.

30th November - Dr. Mitchell and Scott called.


5th December 1831 - Dent knocked down by a cow yesterday. Fitzpatrick began

6th December 1831 - Bush is on fire on all sides. Little boy unwell. Mosquitoes troublesome

16th December 1831. Mr. Wilton came. 17th went with him to the top of Tangorin currajong tree elegant 25 feet high.

18th December - Returned. Women turned out.

19th December - to Wallis Plains. Ellen to Cells. Dined with Capt. Anley. Returned by morning light

21st December - Called on Mr. Winder.

24th December - Brown summonsed to Newcastle

25th December - Xmas day very hot but no wind.

27th December 1831 - Wilkinson came stayed with us till 31st when he left us for Scotts.

31st December. Brown went off by warrant this day to Newcastle charged with obtaining goods on false premises.


1st January Sunday -

7th January - Wilkinson came

10th January. M. Gough came runaway from iron gang. (probably Michael McGough per Eliza)

12th January - Cutting sleepers and wall plates for a stable

16th January - To Maitland. Scott returned home with me.

21st January 1832 - Little boy begins to push himself about on his bott. He cannot creep.

23rd January - Marked out site of a slabbed tobacco shed. 80 yds of the house

28th January - Got a fall from grey horse at Ratagan.

29th January - Alward swallowed a pistol bullet.

30th January building shed. Cutting wattles for hops .and tobacco.


1st February - bullet appeared

6th February - paid MacInnah (cooper) to this date

21st February - To Quarter Sessions

22nd February - Brick kiln 2900 fired.

27th February Walls of wooden shed up

MARCH 1832

2 March - Harris and Valentine began to split shingles.

15th March - Called on Mr. Pinkerton

16th March - O'Neil caught stealing flour

17th March - Cannon joins Marron

25th March - Kearney took the river to have his folly out. (John Kearney per Ferguson)

APRIL 1832

9th April Found Kearny

10th April - Buried Kearny

12th April. Pat came. Harris finished shingling

MAY 1832

12 May - Sent Ellen away.

19th May - Charlotte Fethers came. (Charlotte Tither per Princess Royal)

23rd May - To Maitland and Captain Allman's

24th May - On board the William IV steamer. Captain Parry joined us to Newcastle

25th May - in Sydney

26th to Parramatta.

JULY 1832

2nd July - Captain Pike called on his way home

10th July Mr. A. Glennie stayed.

14th Made a sundial

18th July - Boy born (died January 1833) at am.

21st July - Margaret surprisingly well.

23rd July - Frances Bagley and Anne Lias (Frances Bagley arrived per Burrell in 1832)


21st Robertson goes to meet his wife

28th August - Major Innes here.


3rd September - Sent Charlton to Ratagan

10th September - Hogan came yesterday

11th September - Justice at Mr. Harper's , on to Newcastle at 9pm

12th September - Limeburner's Bay in grass cutters boat

13th September - Sailed 6am head wind and sea. Reached Sydney 9pm

14th September - Saw the Governor and a little business

15th September shopping. Steamer delayed till Monday

17th September Sailed 7pm fair wind, got inside Nobbys at 4am on the grey horse at 6.30 and got home in 6 hours. from Sydney in 17.


October 18th - Charlotte - 1 month servant leaves us. Begin milking shed.

24th October - Women bolted a little before daylight.


5th November - Started 1st dray for Gammon Plains.

7th November Wilkinson moves Westwards

8th November. Followed him to Glennies. Fresh horse to Captain Pike's very hot

9th November - Ratagan joins us at breakfast. Overtook dray at Halls station to Gammon Plains that night. Slept at Mr. Duttons farm

10th November - Perambulated Mangarinda

13th November Came home from Mr. Pike's without stopping

14th November - Putting on roof of great stone store

26th November - Very hot. Helped old Lennan.


6th December - Hot and pleasant. Dray to St. Michael's. Flanaghan from Manganinda with information that they are all adrift. He woos and wins Mary i.e. Anne Lias.

21st December - Captain Anley and Hungerford called.

25th December - Xmas day. Dent's hut in uproar. Cool beautiful day


11th January - Found the baby had the dysentery.

12th January - The Doctor here in the morning

13th January - Little sufferer died at 8 am. Buried him at 12 .

27th January - Margaret and two eldest children looking at cattle coming in from the top of the great stone store


2nd February - Bill Neill cut his head with his axe

3rd February Sent away Anne Lias, pregnant

21st February - The blacks are saucy in Mr. Harper's brush

22nd February - Well 10 feet deep. Set up windlass

24th February - Mary West came

MARCH 1833

2nd March - Fine day. Split slabs for study roof. To Molly Morgans. Poor fellow with tongue out. Well 20 feet deep.

13th March - Malowney with Fanny to Maitland 14 days in the cells. (Patrick Malowney per Lonach)

APRIL 1833

16th April 1833 - To Maitland to meet the Governor

18th April - Quarter Sessions

19th April - Governor called. Judge Forbes, Burton, Major Mitchell.

22nd April - Mr. Harper's place and Ratagan robbed by two men.

27th April - Ann Dent died at Maitland

MAY 1833

8th May - Sent Joe with grey mare to Alcorn's

9th May - To St. Heliers.

22nd May - Sent Nagle and Price to collect the up country cattle.

JUNE 1833

17th June - Price returned on Saturday. Bill Neil goes with Lennan to Newcastle

21st June - Pulling maize - Blacks helping

24th June - putting up fence around the vineyard - 4 acres - Jenkins and Price, Joe and McGo. and Fenahy all the week.

Alward very busy


13th - Walked to Ratagan with Alward

19th August - Lock to Sydney


5th September - Mr. Marsden and Lethbridge called.


15th Preparing post sleepers for threshing floor and mill house and placing rafters for dray shed.

16th October - Margaret unwell.

17th October - At 2 am boy born. John. Intense heat. Thunder clouds gathered


4th November 1833 - Ann Prentice ran from husband (Probably Ann Simpson per Princess Royal)