Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1799


Circumnavigation of Van Diemen's Land completed by Bass and Flinders

March 3

Floods at the Hawkesbury river begin. Crops and stock destroyed. Govt. store house swept away

May 3

Arrival of the vessel Buffalo. The Buffalo brought live cattle from the Cape and other goods for the settlement. Settlers with useful trades came with their wives and families and John William Lewin a painter and drawer in natural history who was to be allowed government rations during his residence. The settlers who signed terms of settlement were James Thomas, John Bean, John Hanson, William Weller and Thomas Bradley. The Buffalo returned to England in 1800.


Arrival of the Albion, Captain Bunker, from England with 900 tons of salt pork.

July 8

Departure of Matthew Flinders from Sydney on the sloop Norfolk. -

July 14

Arrival of Matthew Flinders at Cape Moreton.

July 26

Arrival of the convict ship Hillsborough. David Dickinson Mann, George Crossley, and George Pellwere some of the convicts on board


Population - General Return of the colony - 4,746.


Correspondence re the cost of food and supplies and living conditions for new arrivals

November 3

Arrival of ship Walker. Master John Nichol

November 13

Departure of the Friendship from St. Helena. Bound for Botany Bay

December 8

Arrival of East India ship Swallow.

December 14

Arrival in Port Jackson of ship Martha, with seal oil and skins. William Reed, Master.


Increasing confidence in the colony with success on the whale boats, production of sufficient wheat and discovery of wild cattle. Success of the whale boats and Captain Eber Bunker