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Hacking Point/ Island - Early name for Nobbys. Named by Lieutenant Shortland in 1797 after Quartermaster Hacking of H.M.S. Sirius

Hall's Creek - Co. Brisbane; flows into the Goulburn river

Hall's Hill - steep hill near the junction of the Dungog and Gloucester roads named after Charles Hall superintendent of Australian Agricultural Co.

Halliday's Point - Co. Gloucester, a sandy beach lying about half way betwen Cape Hawke on the S and Farquhar inlet on the N. [37]

Hallsborough - Maitland - House of William Hall a Waterloo veteran of Maitland

Halton - Co. Durham 160 miles N of Sydney. [37]

Halton Estate - Allyn River

Hambledon Hill - Singleton district. Various owners - Henry Nowland, Mr. Dines, Augustus Hooke, Mr. Dunster.

Hamilton - Suburb of Newcastle. Named after the residence of William M. Carlyle Secretary of the A.A. Company which was named after Edward Hamilton, Governor of the A.A. Company 1856 - 98. Previously known as Pittown and The Borehole.

Hampton Estate - Left bank of Cockle Creek. Argenton, Lake Macquarie

Hampton Park - Jerry's Plains. Estate belonging to Peter Duff in 1838

Hams Beach - Caves Beach - named after William Henry Ham, first resident

Hanbury - early name for Waratah. Named by Thomas Grove after his birthplace in Staffordshire England.

Hanging Rock - Gold fields near Nundle. Land originally taken up by Nathan Burrows in 1848. Co. Parry, situated on the Oakenville Creek, the rivers Peel Barnet, and Manning taking their rise in the surrounding mountains. [37]

Hanging Rock Creek - Co. Parry - a small auriferous eastern tirbutary of the upper end of the Peel River rising in the western slope of the Australian Alps and flowing into the main stream between Nundle and Dungowany. [37]

Hanging Rock - Co. Northumberland - a remarkable block of red sandstone on the bank of the Wollombi Brook No. of Mount Colabeen. [37]

Hanley's Creek - North of Dungog

Hannan Street Maitland - Named after John Hannan

Hannan House Maitland

Happy Flat - Hamilton from Steel Street to Turner Street Happy Valley - Co. Parry - an auriferous gully lying between Wallabadah and Hanging Rock

Harben Vale - in the Co. of Brisbane on Page's river 4 1/2 miles from Murrurundi. Estate of William Henry Warland

Hardwick Range - Liverpool Plains

Hardys Hill - Name given to the hill at Speers Point which was the site of an old council quarry

Harrowby Estate - Wollombi Brook. A grant to John Tremayne Rodd (see Dangar's Map)

Hartfell - formerly known as the Gunnedah run owned by Johnston at Gunnedah

Harthill Farm - property of Rev. J.H. Garven near Maitland

Hatfield Park - farm 4 miles from Dungog

Hat Hill - Co. Northumberland. [37]

Hathorn's River - flows into Carrington River (See Dangar's map)

Hawke Cape - Co. Gloucester - a rocky promontory 16 miles to the N. of Sugarloaf Point. [37]

Hawke Cape - Settlement. Co. Gloucester - lies on the Maclan and Wollombi Rivers on Lake Wallis. [37]

Hawkes Nest - Co. Durham - 148 miles N Sydney. [37]

Haydonton - a private town situated in Co. Brisbane across the Page River from the town of Murrurundi. See Thomas Haydon

Heatherbrae - Suburb of Port Stephens near Raymond Terrace

Heaton - Cessnock district

Heaton's Gap - also known as Brunkerville Gap or The Gap - a pass over the Watagan Mountains

Heatonville - a timber getting settlement south of The Gap now known as Freeman's Waterholes

Hecknadiiey - Aboriginal name for the pass over the Liverpool Ranges

Hebburn - After a suburb of Newcastle on Tyne

Hebden - Singleton district

Heddon - a parish in Co. Northumberland bounded on the N. by Gosforth; S. by Stanford; E. by Maitland and Strockrington and W. by Allandale.

Heddon Greta - village established near a coal mine

Hexham - Newcastle suburb. Grant to Edward Sparke in 1820';s. Situated Co. Northumberland half way between Newcastle and Maitland. Named after market town of Hexham, England

Hexham Swamp (Aboriginal name Burraghihnbihng) - Territory of the Pambalong or Big Swamp Tribe. - A large tract of marshy land between Hexham and Minmi - [37]

Hide's Creek - Co. Parry - a small auriferous tributary of the Peel River joining it at Bowling Alley Point diggings. [37]

Highfields - Newcastle suburb. First subdivided by John Isaac Cotterill in 1920 (Lake Macquarie History)

Highgate - Barnsley - early subdivision c. 1880

High Street, Newcastle - Lieut. Charles Jeffreys of the brig Kangaroo produced a survey map in 1816 naming the one street in the Coal River settlement as High St. This later became Watt St.

Higham Road - Co. Northumberland. A township 4 miles from Waratah. [37]

Hillrock - estate 8 miles up the Rouchel Brook

Hillsborough - Estate of Beresford Hudson - Hunter River near Maitland

Hillsborough - Named after an early landholder of Lambton Dr. John James Hill. Situated at Lake Macquarie

Hillsend Farm - Also known as Greig's Farm. Upper Hunter

Hillside - property north of Dungog

Hinnes Craigs - Gloucester

Hinton - Co. Durham, parish of Hinton at the junction of Paterson and Hunter Rivers and to the S of the Mount Royal ranges. [37]

Hinton Estate - Adjoining the Bowthorne Estate. A grant of 640 acres to Robert Coram Dillon

Hobby Hill - situated near Hunter River downriver from Maitland - mentioned on Barrallier's 1801 map in HR NSW p. 420

Hoddle - Mountain situated in the district of Liverpool Plains between the Rivers Peel and Turrabeile

Hogg Island - (Former) Island in the Paterson River

Holdsworthy Downs - Situated just above the confluence of the Dartbrook with Kingdon Ponds in Co. Brisbane (See Dangar's map). About a mile to the W. of Scone

Holkham/ Holkam - In the county of Brisbane on the Hunter River 5 miles from Scone. Estate of Henry Dangar

Hollow Tree Farm - Bounded on the land belonging to Siddons and Peppercorn 1841. Charles Croaker. See Hunter Valley Settler Map1. Subdivison in 1892 adjoined Raymond Terrace Racecourse

Holmesville - after a resident, a miner Joseph Holmes

Holmwood - Private residence of the Rusden family in West Maitland

Homebush - Estate of John Field

Honeysuckle Point - name given to area adjacent to Newcastle Harbour because of native plant resembling honeysuckle flower [3]

Hookanvil Creek - Vicinity of Hanging Rock. Also known as Ogunbil Creek, Oakey Creek, Oakenville Creek and Hanging Rock Creek.

Hope Cottage - near the Long Bridge Maitland

Hopewell Cottage - Cottage on the Bowthorne Estate

Horning Creek - Co. Northumberland - a small tributary of the estuary of the Mangrove Creek. [37]

Horseshoe Beach - beach at Newcastle

Horton - Parish in Co. Gloucester bounded on the North by Thalaba; S. by Wilmot; E. by Karuah and W. by the Williams River.

Horton Park - Muswellbrook district

Howe's Valley - After John Howe, who, with Benjamin Singleton discovered Patrick Plains on 17 March 1820.

Howick - a parish in Co. Durham bounded on the W. by Wynn; S. by the Hunter River and E. by Ravensworth.

Humumba - Run belonging to Edward and George Rouse at Liverpool Plains

Hungry Flat - Co. Northumberland. A flat on the Great North Road from Sydney to Maitland at Mangrove Creek. See Dixon's map

Hungry Hill - Paterson

Hunniford lane, Newcastle - Named after a contractor of that name. [3]

Hunter's Hill - Estate of Timothy Nowlan. Later known as Eelah

Hunter Range - a branch of the Blue Mountain Range separating the tributaries of the Hawkesbury from those of the Hunter.

Hunter's River - Named after Governor John Hunter by Lieut. John Shortland. For many years known as the Coal River. (Aboriginal name Coquun; Myan or Coonanbarra) Also Gingamboon.

Hunter Street, Newcastle - previously known as Blane Street.[3]

Huthfield - Mulberry Creek


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