Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Lady Kennaway - 1835

Voyage: 109 days
Surgeon's Journal - no
Captain Thomas Bolton
Surgeon Thomas Bell

The Lady Kennaway was built in Calcutta in 1817.

The Lady Kennaway transported prisoners to Van Diemen's Land on this voyage in 1835 and to New South Wales in 1836.

Military Guard

The Guard consisted of Captain O' Hara and Lieutenant Hatton and 29 rank and file of the 50th regiment. Ensign Kennedy, 40th regiment; and 10 women and 18 children.


Convicts originally embarked on the Norfolk were transferred to the Lady Kennaway at Cork. [1] The Lady Kennaway departed Cork on 27 October 1834

Van Diemen's Land

They arrived in Van Diemen's Land on 13 February 1835, a voyage of 109 days.

Notes and Links

1). Hunter Valley convicts arriving on the Lady Kennaway in 1835

2). The Lady Kennaway was a barque built in 1817, at Calcutta, and was owned at that time by Thomas Ward, of Boston, England. She was of 584 tons, a large ship, and was a frequent visitor both to Sydney and Hobart. She carried troops, convicts, and passengers. In 1835 she was commanded by Captain Bolton, in 1841 by Captain Spencer, when she brought immigrants. In 1848 Captain Avery was in charge. Her voyages were irregular, and like many ships of the period she did a little whaling after leaving the ports at this end. Her present destination, or location, if afloat, cannot be ascertained, but her name is not in the Shipping Register of 1862. - Windsor and Richmond Gazette 2 November 1917

3). Image of the Lady Kennaway - Grosvernor Prints


[1] The Hobart Town Courier 20 February 1835