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Ann Cornelius

Mrs. Ann Cornelius held the publican's licence for the Rose Shamrock and Thistle Inn in the 1840s and 1850s.

She was the widow of Morpeth auctioneer Richard Cornelius who had died in 1842 at the age of thirty. She sometimes called on the assistance of her brother-in-law, Quinten Swift to assist her. When she suspected ticket of leave holder Samuel Brassington of stealing a bottle of gin from her hotel in 1846, Mr. Swift found the stolen gin and the thief who was later sentenced to 12months in irons.[1]

Thomas Dowell was employed as a gardener at the Inn. Mrs. Cornelius also employed George Ferris in 1848 to work as a general servant at 6/- per week. Ferris was later dismissed from her service when he became drunk and failed to return after being sent to East Maitland to obtain water. Ferris was later ordered to forfeit one week's wages for misconduct .[2]

The youngest son of Ann Cornelius son Quinten Robert Cornelius died aged 7½ years in November 1849 after contracting scarlet fever.

Ann Cornelius still held the licence for the Rose Shamrock and Thistle in 1859


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[2] Maitland Mercury 1 March 1848

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