Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Richard Alley, R.N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon

First Warrant 1783

Lady Juliana

Richard Alley was employed as surgeon/ naval agent on the Lady Juliana in 1790. Lady Juliana became known as a floating brothel. Steward of the vessel, John Nicol, wrote an account of the voyage. He recalled that when we were fairly out to sea, every man on board took a wife from among the convicts, they nothing loath.

During the voyage Richard Alley formed a relationship with convict Ann Marsh. Ann gave birth to a daughter Charlotte Maria Alley on June 5th 1791 who lived only a few days after her baptism.

Return to England

Richard Alley was mentioned in the Historical Records of Australia......

Richard Ayley (Alley) and Lieutenant Thomas Edgar who were sent out in the Lady Juliana, transport, and Mr. John Turnpenny Altree, who came out as surgeon in one of the transports that left England in May 1787, and who has been since employed at Norfolk Island, return to England (in the Dutch snow Waaksamheyd in 1791) [2]

Royal Admiral

On arrival in England Richard Alley was appointed surgeon to the Royal Admiral in 1792. David Collins referred to Richard Alley in 'An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales'-

There arrived in the Royal Admiral as a superintendent charged with the care of the convicts, Mr. Richard Alley, who formerly belonged to the Lady Juliana transport, in quality of surgeon, in the memorable voyage of that ship to this colony; a voyage that could never be thought on by an inhabitant of it without exciting a most painful sensation. This gentleman went to England in the snow with Captain Hunter, whither the comforts of long voyages seemed to accompany him. Immediately on his arrival there, he was appointed by the commissioners of the navy to come out in the Royal Admiral as surgeon and superintendent of the convicts embarked in that ship, with an allowance of twelve shillings and sixpence per diem until his arrival in England, exclusive of his half pay as surgeon of the navy[1].

Notes and Links

1). Coinworks - Ann Mash/ Marsh. Convict. Merchant. Ferry Owner. Publican. Entrepreneur. Wife. Mother. The Mash Promissory Notes provide a window into a life full of achievements.


[1] An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 1, by David Collins.

[2] HRA Series 1 Vol 1., p.254