Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

George Thomson R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 1 January 1814

George Thomson was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Daedalus in 1810. [1]

He was appointed Surgeon in the Royal Navy on 1 January 1814 and as entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in that year. [2]

Surgeon Superintendent

George Thomson was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on two convict ship voyages to Australia:

England to New South Wales in 1826

Borodino to New South Wales in 1828.


By the entry at Oxnam Monumental Inscriptions By Elizabeth Leitch, Joanne Burns and Davina Smart, he may have died at Port Mahon, Minorca, on 17 June 1834 aged 43 years.

Cholera ravaged the population in Port Mahon in 1834 [3]


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