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Convict Ship Greyhound - 1819

Captain Ritchie
Embark: 7 convicts

The Greyhound first brought prisoners from Calcutta to Australia in April 1818. Under Captain Ritchie she sailed from Port Jackson in June 1818 bound for Calcutta.


She returned to Hobart from Calcutta on 16th March 1819 with a general cargo of merchandise intended for Sydney and seven male prisoners, two of whom were runaways from Sydney, the others having been convicted in India.

While the vessel was in Hobart a survey was held to ascertain whether she was in a fit condition to proceed on her voyage to Port Jackson owing to the stern post being damaged, and having received other considerable damage which it was feared could not be repaired in Hobart.

In consequence of the delay in Hobart part of her cargo was transhipped on board the Surry to Port Jackson [1]. Captain Ritchie of the Greyhound also departed Hobart on the Surry on 7th April 1819 [2].


Passengers from India included Captain Mackie of the Hon. East India Company's 30th regt., and Quarter Master McDonald of 46th regiment. [3]

Port Jackson

The Greyhound arrived in Port Jackson on 21 April 1819.

The Convicts

John Daniels and John Watson, the two prisoners who had escaped the Colony a few months previously and were returned by the Greyhound, were brought before the Bench of Magistrates in Sydney and sentenced to be publicly whipped, and sent to Newcastle penal settlement - [3]

Convicts tried in India -
Michael Quigley - tried Madras
Edward Shadwick - tried Madras

Eli Wotton tried Ceylon
James Hartley tried Jaffna
John Symes - tried Bombay[4]

Notes and Links

1). Terry and Others v. Ritchie


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