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Hunter Valley Inns and Hotels
The Paterson Inn ~ Paterson

The Paterson Hotel was owned by James Phillips until about 1840 when it was sold to Felix Wilson, owner of Tocal. [1]

William Pragnell

William Pragnell was granted a publican's licence for the Paterson Hotel from June 1838 to 1839 [2]. He died at Paterson in September 1839 leaving a widow. [8]

William Dear

In June 1840 William Dear was granted the licence. [2]

James Atkins Cook

James Atkins Cook was granted the licence in June 1841 and in 1842 and 1843. [2]

Edwin Brown

Edwin Brown held the licence for the Paterson Hotel from June 1844 - 1846.

Visited by Governor Gipps

Governor Gipps visited the Paterson Hotel in November 1844 while on a brief visit to the district. He arrived in Paterson with Mr. Merewether, Captain Day and Edward Denny Day at 9am after passing through the beautiful estate of Tocal. On their arrival at the Inn they sat down to an excellent breakfast prepared by Edwin Brown. Assembled at the Inn to greet his Excellency were a few of the dignitaries of the town - Major Edmund Johnstone, Mr. John Boughton, Rev. William Ross, Mr. Frederick Bedwell R.N. and Mr. Phillips. The party visited the Scots Church, the unfinished Episcopalian Church, the school house, the court house, lockup and quarry. Sir George and Lady Gipps were very pleased with the children attending the school in the Kirk and declared a holiday for all Mr. Smith's pupils. [3]

Robbery at the Inn

In 1845 Edwin Brown interrupted two men who had been drinking at his Inn during the evening, escaping from the fowl house with two muscovy ducks and a drake. Brown pursued one of the men, William Draggs and caught him by the waistband. The waistband broke and the thief escaped however as it was a moonlit night Brown managed to see his face clearly. William Draggs and Charles Thomas were later sentenced to six months labour in irons for the theft. [4]

In 1847 the following advertisement was placed in the Maitland Mercury: To be let with immediate possession, at the Paterson Township, that first rate elegantly furnished House known as the Paterson Hotel with coach house, stables and brewery. To an industrious respectable man, of small capital, the rent will be very moderate. For particulars If by letter post paid) apply to Felix Wilson Esq. Leitrim, New Town near Sydney, or to W. Dun Esq Paterson - A licence has been granted for next year [5]

Charles Robins

The Paterson Hotel was taken over by Charles Robins who had previously been innkeeper at the Settlers Arms in West Maitland. He held the licence until at least 1856. [6]

Saul Solomon

Saul Solomon was granted a licence in 1860. [7]

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