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John Washington Price was employed as surgeon on the convict ship Minerva in 1799 - 1800.

The Minerva sailed from Cork for Botany Bay in 1799 carrying two hundred convicts. Many of them were United Irishmen transported for their role in the 1798 rebellion.

Price's Journal of the voyage is held in the Wellesley Collection at the British Library in London.

The Journal was transcribed and edited with an introduction by Pamela Jeanne Fulton in 2000 -

The Minerva Journal - John W. Price was only twenty one years old and a recent graduated from Dublin's College of Surgeons when he commenced the journey. He was well educated, with a keen awareness of the world around him. His journal is lively copious and detailed. It covers the entire voyage both to and from Sydney. Price was an acute observer of people and his journal is full of minutiae about convicts, sailors and soldiers, and the flora and fauna encountered along the way.

In Sydney, Price was a frequent visitor to Government House. He met such leading figures as Bennelong, Dr Balmain, D'Arcy Wentworth, George Barrington and the Reverend Samuel Marsden, and his observations of town life contain a great deal of previously unrecorded information.

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2). John Washington Price was appointed Surgeon to the 12th, (East Suffolk) Regt. of Foot on 13 February 1812 A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines

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