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Convict and Colonial History

The Woolpack Inn

West Maitland

The Woolpack Inn was situated in High Street, West Maitland. It was opened by George Yeomans in 1828.

Walter Rotton

The licence for the Woolpack was held by Walter Rotton in 1830 and transferred to George Yeomans' brother Richard Yeomans in 1831. Richard Yeomans died in 1833 and was buried in the Glebe Cemetery

Charles Hughes

Charles Hughes who had been publican at the Australian Inn at Newcastle held the licence for the Woolpack Inn by the early 1840's. He suffered financial difficulties at this time and his application for publican's licence was refused by the Bench in June 1842.

By January 1843 the Woolpack 'lately occupied by C. Hughes' was advertised for lease. Charles Hughes moved to Anvill Creek where he opened another Inn. (Also called the Woolpack Inn) He was granted a licence for this Inn in April 1845.


In November 1846 Robert Rickerby, a wool purchaser, resided at the premises formerly known as the Woolpack Inn at West Maitland, situated next to Mr. Owen's old stores.

The Woolpack was offered for sale in April 1849.

The Inn was situated on the river side of High Street, near Wolfe and Gorricks Store. Harts drapery shop was next door. In 1915 Harts jewelry shop was situated on the site of the old Inn.


William McPhelemy was granted a licence for the Woolpack in April 1854; Patrick O'Connell in 1854 and Phillip O'Brien in 1855 - 57.