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Convict and Colonial History

Michael Goodsir R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 17 August 1815

Michael Goodsir was appointed assistant-surgeon on the Asia in 1814. [1] In 1815 he was promoted from assistant-surgeon to surgeon. [2]

Atholl 1821

He was appointed to the vessel Atholl in January 1821.

Hercules 1825

In 1824 he was employed as Surgeon-Superintendent on the convict ship Hercules departing Portsmouth 29 December 1824 and arriving in Port Jackson 7 May 1825.

Countess of Harcourt 1827

In 1827 he was employed as Surgeon-Superintendent on Countess of Harcourt departing Dublin 14 February 1827 and arriving Port Jackson 28 June 1827.

Waterloo 1829

He was appointed to the convict ship Waterloo departing London on 14 March 1829 and arriving Port Jackson 9 July 1829. His wife accompanied him on this voyage. In November 1829 Dr. Goodsir, Mrs Goodsir, Dr. McTernan, Dr. Love. and Dr. Rutherford returned to London on the ship Doncaster -[3]

Royal George 1830

The Royal George was his next appointment. The Royal George departed Portsmouth on 27 June 1830 and arrived in Hobart on 18 October 1830. The Royal George departed Australia for the Isle of France in December with Dr. Goodsir passenger.

Calcutta 1838

In October 1838 he arrived from the Cove of Cork as surgeon superintendent of the immigrant ship Calcutta.[4] The Calcutta arrived on 15th October 1838. He was on the List of Surgeons remunerated for services as Surgeon Superintendents and was paid £200 for his employment on the immigrant vessel Calcutta[5]

Roslin Castle 1839

He embarked on the Roslin Castle in January 1839 with the intention of returning to England, however he did not survive the voyage.


The Roslin Castle arrived safely in England and was off Brighton on 11th June where one of the passengers Rev. Dr. J.D. Lang disembarked. It was reported in the Sydney Gazette that Michael Goodsir had died at sea shortly after rounding Cape Horn, leaving a widow and two children. [6]


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