Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

John Dow - Settler

Arden Hall - Map 9

Location of John Dow's estate Arden Hall - 1837
1830 - John Dow arrived on the Warrior in 1830 with his sisters Agnes and Mrs. Susannah Sempill wife of Hamilton C. Sempill.

1832 - John Kelly and George Meade both convicts who arrived on the Eliza were assigned to John Dow in 1832

1832 - John's sister Agnes Dow married James Busby, British resident in New Zealand in November 1832 and in December they were reported as proceeding to New Zealand.

1838 - John Dow was employed as Superintendent at Belltrees in 1838.

1839 - Daughter Jessie Maria born to John and Isabella Dow 28 May

1839 - Assigned servant James Irwin beaten to death by two men at Arden Hall in April/May 1839 - Read the account in the Sydney Gazette

1840 - Marriage of John Dow Esq., of Ardenhall, Upper Hunter to Janet, second daughter of James Baird, Esq., of Greenock on 24th November. Minister Rev. John Morse at Belltrees. December 1840

1840 - Richard Burnett (Byrne) married Isabella Cowen at Arden Hall in June 1840

1840 - John Bell married Harriet Terry in June 1840 at Arden Hall

1841 - Mrs. Dow of Belltrees gave birth to a daughter in September 1841

1842 - John Dow mortgaged Arden Hall in 1842 and the estate was acquired by Dow's brother-in-law Hamilton Collins Sempill. however Sempill was also in financial difficulty in the 1840's and he returned to Scotland with his family on the 'Eweretta' in 1842.

1842 - Charles and Isabella (McLeod) Pratt employed by John Dow at Arden Hall 1842

1842 - Helen Leitch Dow, daughter of John and Janet born in 1842

1843 - John Dow obtained license to depasture stock beyond the limits of location for the year commencing 1st July 1843 - Liverpool Plains and New England

1844 - Described as a grazier of Arden Hall in 1844.

1844 - George Campbell Dow, son of John and Janet Dow baptised in January 1844

1845 - Arden Hall situated twelve miles from Scone. 15 miles from Aberdeen. 960 acres with family mansion of brick. 7 rooms, pantry, store room, huts, stockyard, blacksmiths etc on the Hunter River. Advertised for sale January 1845.

1845 - James Baird Dow, son of John and Janet Dow born October 1845

1850 - David Colquhoun Dow, son of John and Janet Dow baptised January 1850

John Dow was described as one of the first free settlers in the New England district

The site of Arden Hall is now under Glenbawn Dam (Newcastle Morning Herald 3 June 1950)