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Jerrys Plains

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Richard Alcorn

Richard Alcorn had previously been the proprietor of the Greyhound Inn at Falbrook.

In 1838 he built the sandstone Queen Victoria Inn at Jerry's Plains.

Edward Alcorn, brother of Richard took over the licence in June 1840. Edward Alcorn took out a license for the Caledonian Hotel in Singleton in April 1853.

The settlers had long complained about the state of the roads in the district and in 1842 a communication was forwarded to the Governor setting out an idea for a better road. However it seems that Richard Alcorn was not prepared to wait for government funds. By May 1842 the Hunter River Gazette recorded that the Messrs. Alcorn had not only marked but cleared a road between Jerry's Plains and Patrick's Plains avoiding the high stony ridges and valleys the previous track had passed through. There was said to be always a plentiful supply of grass and water by this line. The new road would save five miles between Jerry's plains and Patrick's Plains and fifteen to Maitland.

In 1842 James Ham was issued the publican's licence for the Queen Victoria.[1]

Sir Charles Fitzroy passed through Jerry's Plains in 1847 and Richard Alcorn was expecting to entertain the Governor before he moved on to Merton. However Sir Charles made only a very short stay of about ten minutes at Alcorn's Inn, the horses of the party being held at the door. He then proceeded to the Police Barracks where he dined with Lieutenant Gall. Richard Alcorn had made expensive preparations for his Excellency's reception and was disappointed at missing the honor of entertaining him [2]


[1] Maitland Mercury 15 April 1843

[2] Maitland Mercury 10 February 1847

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Richard Alcorn
Born c. 1799 Sussex
Arrival Glatton in 1803
Land Grant Glennies Creek
Marriage Charlotte Golledge, Windsor 1825
Death Jerrys Plains 1879