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Isaac Noott R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 28 June 1808

Isaac Noott was appointed surgeon in the Royal Navy in 1808.


Marriage on 30 July 1816 at Plymouth of Isaac Noot Esq. of Haverfordwest, to Henrietta, daughter of William Gregg Esq. of Plymouth.[1]

Early Naval Career

Appointed to the Tribune in 1818 - [2]
Appointed to the Revolutionaire in 1819 [3]
Appointed to the Bellette in 1822 [4]
Appointed to the Nimrod in 1824 [5]
Appointed to the Alfred in 1831.
Appointed to the Stag in September 1834[6]

Surgeon Superintendent

He was employed as surgeon superintendent on two convict ships to Australia:

1). Bengal Merchant to NSW in 1838

2). Layton to VDL in 1839

Bengal Merchant departed Sheerness 28 March 1838 and arrived in Port Jackson 21st July 1838. Isaac Noott departed Sydney for London on the Kinnear on 21st August 1838 [7]

Layton departed Portsmouth 13 July 1839 and arrived in VDL 7 December 1839.

H.M.S. Medea 1840

Isaac Noott was on a list of Officers and Marines who served on board Her Majesty's Steam vessel Medea commanded by Frederick Barden Esq., employed on the coasts of Syria and Egypt in favour of the cause of his Imperial Majesty the Sultan[8].

Others serving on H.M.S. Medea included Lieut. G. Harvey, Lieut. George G. Otway, George Wilson, Master, James S. Mountstevens, Purser and Samuel W. Webb, Assistant Surgeon.[13]

An explosion took place on the Medea on the morning of 20th November 1840. One man was killed and several others including Isaac Noot who was in the gun room at the time were seriously injured [9].

Royal Sovereign Yacht 1841

In 1841 he was on the list of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service; he was appointed to the Royal Sovereign yacht in that same year.[10]


Isaac Noott died in 1843.


Surgeon Isaac Noott, R.N. (1808), Pembroke dockyard, was distinguished for his war services; served in the boats of the Meleagar, at the capture of a privateer off Cuba (1808); was surgeon of the Tweed at the taking of Martinique, 1809; and of the Blake, on the coast of Catatonia in 1812, and the following year. Mr. Noott was one of the sufferers from the explosion of a shell on board the Medea steam vessel, off Alexandria, in 1840, having been severely wounded on that occasion. [11]

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