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Convict Ship Research - 1832

Embarked: 6
Voyage: 4 months
Surgeon's Journal: no
Master: Ogilvie

The Research arrived in Port Jackson via Hobart on Wednesday the 14th December 1831 having departed Calcutta on 2nd July and the Mauritius 5th November.

She brought a cargo of sugar, tobacco, wine and three horses.


Five prisoners of the Crown were embarked on the Research. One man Joseph Litham was disembarked in Van Diemen's Land. He was later sent to Moreton Bay. The remaining four prisoners were disembarked in Sydney:

Edward Kelly, age 34, Native Place Tipperary. Occupation groom and stock keeper. Convicted of larceny at Calcutta on 19 April 1831 and sentenced to 14 years transportation

Charles Poole age 28. Native place Calcutta. Occupation Clerk. Convicted of larceny on 19 April 1831 at Calcutta and sentenced to 14 years transportation. Charles Poole was assigned to the Australian Agricultural Company where he worked as a clerk. After he received his ticket of leave he was employed as a constable in the Maitland Police Force.

Edward Foley age 34. Native place Cork. Occupation Tailor. Convicted of assault with intent to murder. Died in Port Macquarie Hospital 1836.

William Hudson - age 33. Native place Salop. Occupation bricklayer. Convicted of Burglary at Mattoa 4th October 1830 (2) William Hudson was assigned to Leslie Duguid and Vicars Jacob.

Cabin Passengers

Passengers from India, Mrs. Davidson and servant, Major Gen. Stewart, of His Majesty's service; Captain Davidson, 13th Native Infantry and 3 native servants; A. Reid Esq., E.C.S. and 1 native servant; E. Witmore Esq., and 1 native servant; Mr. David Jacobs; Ensign C. Clark, H.M.S.; Ensign J. Poett E.C.S; Ensign W. Kennedy E.C.S., Mrs. Smith; Mrs. Seavale; Mr. Piper; Mr. Wilson; Mr. Coffy in charge of the horses; and 2 children.

La Perouse

The Research was the same vessel which was in Sydney in 1827 and in which Captain Peter Dillon made his discoveries at Tucopeia, respecting the fate of the unfortunate La Perouse. (1)

Notes and Links

1). Convicts/ passengers of the Research identified in the Hunter Valley

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3). Return of Convicts of the Research assigned between 1st January 1832 and 31st March 1832 (Sydney Gazette 14 June 1832; 21 June 1832; 28 June 1832; 5 July 1832).....

Edward Foley - Tailor an soldier. Assigned to Captain Hunter at Sydney
William Hudson - Bricklayer assigned to Dr. Jacob, Bengal Artillery at Hunter's River
Edward Kelly - Groom. Assigned to Andrew Gibsone at Goulburn Plains
Charles Poole - Clerk. Assigned to the A.A. Company at Port Stephens


[1] The Sydney Herald 30 January 1832

[2] State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Item: [4/4016]; Microfiche: 680 Source Information New South Wales, Australia, Convict Indents, 1788-1842