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Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Patriot - 1838

Prisoners: 14 men
Captain T. H. Mullens

The Patriot departed Madras for Mauritius on 20th August 1837, departed Mauritius on 25th November with a cargo of sugar and arrived in Hobart on 1st January 1838. Free Passengers from Mauritius to Hobart included Mr. and Mrs. Onslow, Mr. and Mrs. Longhalton, Captain Hume, Mr and Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Lahey, Mr. Turton and two servants. [1]

The Patriot departed Hobart on 23 January and arrived in Sydney on the 1st February 1838. Passengers from Hobart to Sydney included Colonel Anderson, Captain Duff, Mr. and Mrs. Onslow and family, Mr. Turton, R. Moffat, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Lentrey and family, Mr. Stirling, Mr. Hook and fourteen prisoners of the Crown who had been convicted in Madras and Mauritius [2].

Twelve prisoners were former soldiers. Two men - Julien and Sylvain - were convicted of setting fire to a gaol door.

Following is a list of the prisoners who arrived in Sydney on the Patriot:
John Bishop - Native place Herefordshire
Patrick Brady - Native place County Cavan
William Eastwood - Native place Blackburne, Lancashire
John English - Native place County Armagh
Julien - Native place Mauritius
James Lahey - Native place Kilkenny city
Amos Lines - Native place Leicestershire
John Lord - Native place Yorkshire
Patrick McCann - Native place Co. Londonderry
Patrick McRedmond - Native Place Parson's Town, King's County
Joseph Needham - Native place County Wexford
Joseph Scott - Native place Brigham County, Cumberland
William Shea - Native place Athlone
Sylvain - Native place Mauritius [3]

Notes and Links

1). Convicts and passengers of the Patriot identified in the Hunter Valley

2). William Eastwood who arrived as a prisoner on the Patriot was apprehended for bushranging in 1842. His companions were - Francis McNamara per Eliza (Frank the Poet) ; John Jones, per Lady Macnaughton; Edward Allen, per Asia; and William Thomson, per Asia - Sydney Gazette 2 June 1842


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