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Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Eagle - 1811

Captain James Mackie

The brig Eagle arrived in New South Wales from Calcutta on 17 February 1811. As well as several convicts, she brought a valuable cargo of spirits and dry goods.

The Convicts

Herbert Stiles (Styles) arrived on the Eagle. He was one of four convicts who seized the Speedwell at at Newcastle settlement in 1814 and were never heard from again.

Joseph Burridge - Tried in Kent March 1813 - General Hewitt 1814
John Pearce - Tried Surry Assizes 28 March 1810 - Indian 1810
Edward Scarr - Tried in Cambridge 13 March 1810 - Admiral Gambier 1811
Herbert Stiles - Tried Calcutta for piracy 4 December 1809

Trial of Herbert Styles for Piracy

Herbert Styles and Christian Kleyn were two of the crew on the vessel Malacca in 1809. They were tried in Calcutta in December 1809 for piracy by the seizure of the vessel in Pontianak roads. The trial was reported in the Calcutta press and was picked up under the headline "Piracy" in The Times of Charleston, USA, on 26 September 1810. Styles was said to be British and Kleyn "a Batavo-Malay Christian." Read more about the case.....Piracy off Pontianak in the early nineteenth century--and not by the usual villains; with an appendix on Captain Hercules Ross, country trader and native of Jamaica.


Captain Mackie gave notice in April that he was intending to leave the colony in the Eagle in the course of that month although they did not leave until May.

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