Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Clyde - 1832

Embarked 200 men
Voyage 110 days
Deaths 1
Surgeon's Journal - No
Tons: 490
Previous vessel: Lady Harewood arrived 5 August 1832
Next vessel: Eliza arrived 6 September 1832
Master Daniel N. Munro
Surgeon George Fairfowl
Prisoners and passengers of the Clyde identified in the Hunter Valley

The Clyde was built at Greenock in 1819. Convicts were transported to Australia on the Clyde in 1830 (VDL), 1832 (NSW) and 1838 (NSW).


Many of the convicts were embarked on the ship from the Hulks on 21st April 1832. Fifteen year old prisoners James Alexander and William Parsons from the Euralysis hulk were embarked on this day. Both boys had been tried at Middlesex on 6th January 1831. Prisoners from the Cumberland and Retribution Hulks were also embarked on the 21st April.

Military Guard

The Guard consisted of 2 sergeants, 1 corporal and 30 privates of the 4th regiment, 7 soldiers wives and 10 children.

Cabin Passengers

Passengers included Lieutenant Colonel McKenzie, Mrs. McKenzie, Miss McKenzie, four Masters McKenzie, four Misses McKenzie, Quartermaster Flanna and Mrs. Flanna.

Military Guard on the Clyde in 1832 - Historical Records of British Army


The Clyde departed Portsmouth on 9 May 1832. They were in the vicinity of Madeira on 23 May when Captain Munro boarded the Portuguese brig of war, Conde de Villa Ker which was blockading Madeira.[1]

Port Jackson

They arrived in Port Jackson on 27 August 1832. One hundred and ninety-nine prisoners were landed on 6th September 1832.

A muster was held on board by the Colonial Secretary Alexander McLeay on 29th August 1832.

There were seventeen prisoners under fifteen years of age. The youngest were James Jones (13), Thomas Farnell (13), Henry McCourt (12), and George Beare(12).

Departure from the Colony

The Clyde was advertising to sail for Valparaiso in September 1832.

Notes and Links

1). George Fairfowl was also Surgeon on the convict ships Ocean in 1818, Dromedary in 1820,Woodman in 1823, Royal Charlotte in 1825, Asia in 1827 (VDL), Sovereign in 1829, Andromeda in 1830 and the Hive in 1834.

2). Select here to find out more about Bushranger James Marshall of the Jewboy gang

3). Hunter Valley convicts arriving on the Clyde in 1832

4). Convict Ships bringing detachments of the 4th (King's Own) Regiment..........

Jane departed Cork 29 April 1831. Commander of the Guard Captain George Mason

Surry departed Portsmouth 17 July 1831. Commander of the Guard Captain Charles Waldron 38th regt.

Asia departed Cork 6 August 1831. Commander of the Guard Captain Richard Chetwode

Norfolk departed 15 October 1831. Commander of the Guard Lieut. David William Lardy 4th regt.

Captain Cook departed Dublin 5 November 1831. Commander of the Guard Lieut. Gibbons 49th regt.

Portland departed Portsmouth 27 November 1831.

Isabella departed Cork 27 November 1831. Commander of the Guard Captain William Clarke 4th regt.

Bussorah Merchant departed Dublin 14 December 1831. Commander of the Guard Lieut. William Lonsdale 4th regt.

John departed the Downs 7 February 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut. George Baldwin 31st regt.,

Lady Harewood departed Portsmouth 15 March 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut. Lowth 38th regt.,

City of Edinburgh departed Cork 18 March 1832 . Commander of the Guard Lieut. Bayliss

Clyde departed Portsmouth 9 May 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut-Colonel Mackenzie

Eliza departed Cork 10 May 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut. Hewson

Planter departed Portsmouth 16 June 1832 under command of Lieuts. Bullin and Irvine of 38th regt.

Hercules departed the Downs 19 June 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut. Gibson 4th regt.

Dunvegan Castle departed Dublin 1 July 1832. Commander of the Guard Lieut. Thomas Faunce 4th regt.

Parmelia departed Sheerness 28 July 1832 under Command of Captain Young 38th regt.

Waterloo departed Sheerness 12 March 1833 under Command of Captain Mondilhan 54th regt.

5). 4th (or The King's own) Regiment of Foot


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