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The Stag's Head Inn


Richard Ward

Richard Ward arrived as a convict on the Morley in 1818. He received a Ticket of Leave for the district of Newcastle in 1826 and was employed as overseer by Thomas Parnell at Impass Creek, Patrick Plains in 1828.

He married Anne Douglas in December 1833.

Richard Ward held a publican's license at the White Hart Inn in Muswellbrook as early as 1841 until 1856.

In July 1843 he hosted a dinner and ball at his Inn which was called at the time The Stag's Head Inn. The dinner was for the supporters of Richard Windeyer after Windeyer was returned as the successful candidate for the representation of the county of Durham.

Present at the dinner were Charles Howell, Edmund Butler, William Partridge, Henry Pierce, James McCubbin and James Ward. Many speeches were given and Mr. Partridge recited poetry that he had composed himself which brought forth laughter and cheering preventing him from resuming his speech for some time.

At the conclusion of the dinner a toast was raised to Mr. Ward and it was hoped the Stag's Head would long flourish in Muswellbrook. Mr. Ward returned thanks telling the assembled gentlemen that he had done his best in catering for their comfort. At the conclusion of the dinner a ball was held and participants kept up with great spirit until 12 midnight when the company broke up 'highly delighted with the entertainments of the evening' [1]


[1] Maitland Mercury 8 July 1843


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