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Boardman of the Lake Macquarie Tribe - National Library of Victoria

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  Hunter Valley Place Names Notes on the origins and locations of Hunter Valley place names including many aboriginal place names.
  Hunter Valley Indigenous People
1795 Charles Grimes - Account of the Natives of Port Stephens From An Account of the English Colony of New South Wales.
1796 David Collins records in his narrative An Account of the English Colony of New South Wales - That in June 1796 a group in a fishing boat returned from a bay near Port Stephens and brought with them several large pieces of coal which they found some little distance from the beach, lying in considerable quantity on the surface of the ground. Collins remarked that the fishermen had conducted themselves improperly while on shore, two of them were severely wounded by the natives, one of whom died soon after he reached the hospital. (p.328)
1800 Discovery of Lake Macquarie - The Master of the Martha was conducted by some natives to a spot at a small distance from the mouth, where he found an abundance of coal
1808 Murder at Newcastle
1816 - 1818 Corrobborree, or Dance of the Natives of New South Wales - Engraver Walter Preston. Artist Joseph Lycett. Depicted second from left in this image is Burigon, a leader of the Awakabal people of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie district - National Portrait Gallery
1817 Death of Private Peter Connachton At the hands of natives near Newcastle
1818 A Description of Newcastle Aboriginal people By traveller W.B. Cramp written in 1818
1819 John Howe's Expedition
1821 John Bingle's excursion to Lake Macquarie
1823  Trial of Hatherly and Jackie
1825 An account of Missionary Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld First few months in Newcastle in 1825 in which he provides descriptions of the native tribe and their customs
1825 Ellen Bundock's Memoirs - Ellen Bundock's description of King Jerry of the Merton tribe
1826 Robert Dawson Arrival in Australia and Travels North from Port Stephens 1826
1830 Announcement from the Sydney Gazette Rev. Threlkeld's Translation of the Awabakal Language
1831 Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell's description Of the remnants of the aboriginal tribe of Brisbane Water in 1831
1836 Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell and John Waugh Drysdale Encounters with the Goulburn River tribe
1836 Boardman Plate in A series of twelve profile portraits of Aborigines of New South Wales, published by J. G. Austin, Sydney, 1836 William Fernyhough
1839 United States Exploring Expedition To Lake Macquarie in 1839 with mention of indigenous guides.
1830s Reminiscences of Aboriginal Customs  Hunter and Paterson Rivers
1800 - 1840 Biraban and John Mander Gill
1848 Memoirs of Rev. Richard George Boodle  Describing the remnants of the Muswellbrook tribe
1832-1853 James Larmer Notebook of Australian Aboriginal vocabularies State Library NSW - Brisbane Water and Hunter River

Aboriginal Native Population in NSW 1848

Brisbane Water, 47 - Bench of Magistrates
Gosford, 50 - Rev. E. Rogers
Morpeth, 23 - Rev. G.A. Middleton
Newcastle, 29 - Rev. C.P.N. Wilton
Wollombi and McDonald River, 73 - David Dunlop
Lower Hawkesbury River, 27 - Rev. W.W. Simpson
Dungog, 63 - Bench of Magistrates
Paterson, 150 - Rev. W. Ross
Singleton, 70 - Rev. F. Cameron
Port Macquarie, 370 - Rev. Gray; Woodward
Scone, 75 - Bench of Magistrates
Raymond Terrace, 53 - Bench of Magistrates
District of Moreton Bay, 4000 - Wickham
Darling Downs, 500 - Rolleston
New England, 550 - Macdonald

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